A day filled with London’s must-sees

Photo: Hernán Piñera

Great day trip through the biggest hot-spots in London. Epic views, amazing food and places. The route ends with a couple of bars in the heart of London.

1. The Shard

Start you day with an epic view at the Shard

2. Borough Market

London’s oldest market, goes back to the 13th century! Definite must see.

3. The Table Café

Have some delish food at the Table Café. One of mye favorite breakfast/Lunch spots near the city center

4. Tate Modern

Brilliant gallery, enormous turbine, and an awesome building.

5. Big Ben

Not much to say, worth the trip!

6. Downing Street

Home of the prime minister. Built in 1680!

7. Trafalgar Square

Epic spot. You cannot leave London without having been here.

8. Ape & Bird

9. The Coach and Horses

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