Vintage shopping in Oslo

Photo: David Hall

Oslo has quite the great selection of vintage shops and markets. Let us start in Grünerløkka and work our way towards the westside of the city.

  1. Velouria Vintage

For the ultimate pair of cowboy boots and the perfect vintage t-shirt this is the place where you can spend a long time just browsing and trying on. I have lost myself here on various occasions and some of my favorite pieces have been found here. Jumpsuit tuxedo, anyone?

2. Frøken Dianas Salonger

This place is where you go to find the very best dresses. From all eras and in pristine condition this is a perfect place to find that vintage ballgown or maybe even, like one of my friends did, the second dress of your wedding!

3. Maritabutikken

Mostly for furniture but take your time here and you can find some treasure for sure. If your are the patient kind, clearly

4. UFF Second hand (Arkaden Shopping)

6. Vestkanttorget Flea Market

his place is only open on Saturdays. 9–17, I think. Be here early to scoop up the best deals. Or come really late and make a bargain when the vendors want to be rid of their stuff. Prepare for time when your come here if you are a patient and treasure hunting soul.

By Tone Anette E. Elde

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